PRSCI connects clients to professional and quality solutions that enable seamless wireless integration over air, sea, or land. Our innovative communication solutions incorporate an array of wireless technologies specially designed to meet the individual needs of clients and enable quality, uninterrupted communication at a competitive price.


PRSCI works with Yehuda-Tel Communication Inc. ( to bring the most innovative and reliable wireless solutions to our clients. Yehuda-Tel Communications has been designing and delivering quality projects and systems in the Israeli market since 1986, is the exclusive supplier to Hysteria and the Palestinian Authority, and has worked with global leading companies from Motorola and Midland to Zetron.


From conventional and digital two-way radios, fixed and mobile relays, frequencies, accessories, lab services and equipment through to comprehensive communication systems, Yehuda-Tel offers tailored products and systems to meet the unique and complex needs for any situation, including areas with limited reception. These unparalleled systems enable our broad spectrum of clients to better manage and control a huge range of operations including but not limited to: emergency situations, large-scale events, movie productions, construction projects and high-profile international and domestic youth summits. Our world-leading quality solutions, products, and systems are not only delivered on time and on budget but come with a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year customer service and care guarantee.


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