David Tsur, Founder

Major General David Tsur, the former Commander of the Tel Aviv District Police, was born 1959 in Turkey. When he was six years old, his family immigrated to Israel and settled in the city of Ashkelon.


David Tsur holds a B.A. in political sciences from the Tel Aviv University.


In the I.D.F 1977-1980 he served in the paratroopers’ unit as a platoon commander.


In 1980, he joined the Counter-Terror Unit (“Yamam”). After filling various operational and commanding functions within this prestigious unit, he was appointed commander of the Counter-Terror Unit in 1991.


In 1995, with the completion of his appointment as commander of the Counter-Terror Unit, David Tsur took an unpaid leave from the Israel Police in order to serve as a security consultant to the Organization Committee of the Atlanta Olympics (1996)


In 1997-1999 he served as Commander of the Shephela Sub-District within the Central District of the Israel Police.


In1999 he was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General and appointed Head of the Special Operations Unit’s Command and the Deputy Chief of the Operations Department of the Israel Police.


In 2000, he was appointed Chief of Staff by the Minister of Public Security, and promoted to the rank of Major General. In this position, he was very active in the field of International Public Relations and contributed to the strengthening of the ties with the newly established United States Department of Homeland Security (following the 9/11 events)


In August 2002, Major General David Tsur became Commander of the Border Police, at a time marked by increased terror activities and by the creation of the “seam zone” and the construction of the Security Fence in the Jerusalem region


In 2004 he was appointed Commander of the Tel Aviv District Police, in charge of the largest metropolitan area (2 million residents) and the most significant economical and cultural center of the country.


In August 2007 he retired and was the founder and CEO of GLS Company. Involved on a large scale of security consulting, to States and Organizations all over the World.


In 2013 Tsur was elected to the Knesset (MP) 19 and was a member of three comities- Economy, Interior, and Woman rights.


In 2015, Tsur decided not to run for another term, and today he is back to private sector consulting

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