PRSCI specializes in the development of custom logistics and supply chain solutions. Our approach accelerates the deployment of the most efficient, competitive and sustainable processes in operation worldwide.


As manufacturing activities continue to fragment, and trade continues to expand into the global arena, logistical concerns are rendered more complex and sophisticated than ever before. An unprecedented array of products are crossing borders via various modes of transportation and generating a multitude of interconnected logistics activities across various sectors, including natural resources, manufacturing and services. PRSCI provides the means, resources, and expert knowledge to ensure both government and private organizations remain ahead of the competition and are able to respond to the complex and continuously evolving aspects of logistics and supply chain management. Our logistical expertise and services include ocean freight, truck freight, air freight, cargo insurance, dangerous goods handling, and a variety of domestic services. At PRSCI we understand that our clients’ needs are as unique as they are. Thus, we provide customized services tailor made to fit the requirements of each one of our clients.


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