Security Consultation

PRSCI provides security consultation services to both government and private organizations worldwide. Through a personalized evaluation, PRSCI identifies risks and threats to existing security systems and then develops unique procedures, design guidelines, and standards to address our clients’ individual needs.


Our experts conduct risk assessments then utilize the recommendations to develop security systems and processes specific to our clients’ needs, paying special attention to industry standards of care, operating resources, statutory and regulatory requirements. We apply a proven risk assessment methodology to each assignment we undertake, ensuring our clients receive an objective and thorough evaluation. Part of our strategy involves a formal, itemized business continuity plan and acts as an essential part of business operations at PRSCI. Our concept implementation methods provide clients with an efficient and practical approach to mapping and achieving pre-determined goals and objectives. The PRSCI team then works alongside our clients to develop, test, and implement strategies efficiently and effectively, in addition to the provision of training for managers and operations personnel on the ground, ensuring projects are on time and on budget. Our services, policies and procedures have been implemented in a wide range of conditions including: security post orders, physical security programs, and disaster recovery planning.


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